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Lauren and family

I am Lauren a 29 year old hard working mother of two boys Noah (6) and David (7) - My Football Stars!! Four years ago we didn’t have a home of our own. Hopelessness seemed to be the proper description of how I felt experiencing this chapter of my life’s journey. I received declines left and right from every single shelter in the state of Connecticut due to no space availabilities. I checked every day for weeks with the greatest hope of being placed somewhere. Unfortunately, it never happened. Throughout the last couple of years we’ve moved on three separate occasions, due to the environment, its unsanitary and unsafe living conditions. With every move the struggle seemed to become more intense and heart breaking especially looking into my children’s eyes; I was so afraid of failing them. But, with the strength that was instilled in me through my God, I kept my faith and fought on. With every shut door it was hard to smile, but I did, because I knew God’s plan had to be much more then I could ever imagine. Not once in my life did I believe that I would become a home owner. To me, that was just something one dreamt about coming from Queens Bridge Housing projects in NYC.

I was introduced to the Habitat for Humanity through a friend/ coworker. She felt my pain, understood my struggle and felt like I’d be a great candidate. I took her advice and joined one of the sessions, turned in all necessary documentation, and patiently waited on a response. After a scheduled home visit with two members of the selection committee I felt a little more at ease. They were absolutely wonderful. So kind, concerned, and treated me with respect and dignity. It amazed me that they were willing to fight on behalf of my family and hadn’t met us a day in their lives. It made me realize that there are Angels that walk the face of this earth working through Christ and they are two of them. I’m so overwhelmingly grateful. Every time I think of how blessed we are, I let a few happy tears flow. I look forward to working hard on building my new home. Thank you God for such a wonderful blessing. Thank you to The Habitat for Humanity, and its volunteers (My Angels) for giving me the honor and privilege of raising my kids in a beautiful safe home setting.


Housing before Habitat -

The water damage to the walls that the landlord continued to paint over again and again without ever fixing the real issue. This lead to mold the drywall falling apart. When Lauren asked to have it resolved, the landlord tried to evict her.


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