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Sara and family

Oour household consists of myself – Sara, and my 5 year-old twin sons, Naphtali and Reuben. I am very thankful that we were chosen to be future homeowners through Habitat for Humanity. Since my sons were 6 months old we have lived in a subsidized housing complex, needless to say we encounter mildew and other uninhabitable conditions. A friend of mine invited me to accompany her to a Habitat session and I instantly had negative thoughts about my chances of being chosen but I applied anyway. I wasn’t chosen. Last year I applied again and once again I wasn’t chosen. Then this year I applied once more and finally received the phone call that we’d been waiting for… I WAS CHOSEN! Elated and ecstatic, I couldn’t say anything but “Thank you! Thank you!” repeatedly on the phone. Now, with Habitat’s help I can give my sons the yard that they want, where they can play outside without me feeling disinclined. In our subsidized housing, filth and garbage are everywhere, so my sons rarely play outside of my apartment; we usually drive to a clean park across town.

I work full time and my sons are in Kindergarten, we work really hard to keep our family functioning as a unit. My sons define my life and everything that I stand for and believe in. Out of the blue one of my sons asked me 6 months ago if we can move soon and it surprised me because I sometimes forget how observant children are. It was right then that I looked back in time and remembered the day that I realized I was pregnant: I sat on the side of my bed and made a conscious decision to always put my child’s needs ahead of my own. I remember that day like it was yesterday and applying to Habitat was a step 1 in that direction.



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